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LIFE is UNFAIR to ALL….!!!

Most of us must have heard, read or even put this up as status at some point in our lives. Each one of us is facing a horrendous battle, while most of them try to hide this with a SMILE, while the rest are eccentric about it.

For every individual their problems or struggles seem to be worse, and also feel that they are not being heard and understood by their dear ones. Why is it that only during the tough times people feel left out and dejected..?? …

Hey this is Abhishek, from the tech team at Neokred. Our objective is to provide the best in class responsive portal to our clients, such that they can manage their expenses and budget.

A typical day in neokred looks far from boring, we got a team of talented individuals who work vigorously in the end. Currently we are working on a new product where users can utilize almost every financial service, apart from traditional conventional features like UPI, Bill split, Pay later & digital gold locker.

So here’s my day:

10AM:Wake up & rush to my bike and ”Sprint” through…


We are building a better and sustainable future of finance through responsible and innovative solutions to all those legacy, boring, tired complications.

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