Hey this is Abhishek, from the tech team at Neokred. Our objective is to provide the best in class responsive portal to our clients, such that they can manage their expenses and budget.

A typical day in neokred looks far from boring, we got a team of talented individuals who work vigorously in the end. Currently we are working on a new product where users can utilize almost every financial service, apart from traditional conventional features like UPI, Bill split, Pay later & digital gold locker.

So here’s my day:

10AM:Wake up & rush to my bike and ”Sprint” through the traffic with high octane music in earphones and reach office before 10AM, which usually doesn’t happen because of the obvious Bangalore traffic.

10:30AM: And the work starts with a Daily Stand Up meeting and we go through the issues, developments or any corresponding plans which need to be done within deadlines.

12:00PM: Still looking for the root cause, why hasn’t the issue been resolved? (breaking heads and tails to find that hidden gem) 😟

12:15PM: Finally……. found it!!

Now after spending so much time in front of the screen, we definitely need a break. And the lunch break comes to the rescue. 😄

Lunch is my favorite time to bond with colleagues and explore new ideas with the founders ( it ends up mostly in laughs and thinking some Craaaazyyy ideas..) Our scope of features are very big so exploring and brainstorming ideas at lunch are the most routine thing always, apparently.

As developers ourselves, we are creating on a feature called Neokred Club. It’s a premium feature for our members, so let me tell you what it’s exactly.

Let’s imagine, you own a company and can’t get hold of the expenses on vendors & distributors or say, one of your employees might misuse the allotted budget and you might not know it. So, the usual answer would be “Why not limit the budget allotted to them?” Our feature does exactly that and also keeps records of where those spending are actually spent. And how would you limit the budget? By providing them our Neokred card, where one has specified the amount of money to spend while paying to any vendors or distributors.

Then, you might be questioning what I work on. I work in developing an independent portal for our partners, where one can see all their expenses and finance — It’s similar to a banking portal but it’s independent of any banks. I have a task of optimizing the portal, such that one can manage the expenses and money with ease.

Sounds cool? It’s just a tip of the ice-berg. You know what’s the best part? It’s re-designing broken technologies and adding our secret flavor sauce to make it look A-awesome for our users and community…!!

Now its 7:30pm, we are packing up our day (P.S The founders are still in their laptop planning for the next day)





Now to tell you there’s a lot more than just this, a day as an NK’nian is like being a Super Mario running for its princess (in our case, its powering new and new FinTech's and scaling our technology even higher….)

Chalo, I am leaving now it crossed 8pm …off to a nice cozy sleep



Lead Engineer, Product & Development